(eBook) Guguinha - Pack Livro do Aluno + 6 Cadernos (Acesso por 12 meses) (EBOOK)

Isabel Borges | Teresa Gôja
(eBook) Guguinha - Pack Livro do Aluno + 6 Cadernos (Acesso por 12 meses)
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Publication Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-989-752-564-3
Publisher: LIDEL
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Collection: Guguinha
Pages: 380
Language: Português


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The Guguinha course was developed having pre schoolers and early first graders in mind, making sure all their key Reading, writing and arithmetic skills are being developed, in a dynamic and playful way. It is also meant for children whose main language skills are those of a foreign or second language speaker, allowing them to orally explore the Portuguese language.
Key features and resources:
The Student`s Book provides you with the most beautiful and enjoyable stories, rhymes and songs created by Ana Sofia Paiva, Marco Oliveira and Nuno Morão. Through these, countless activities are presented, aiming to develop different skills in all fields of early childhood education.
In every unit, two versions of each story, rhyme and song are made available on an audio file, aiming to meet the current progress of the child regarding the acquisition of the Portuguese language. The audio file is available at
The Teacher`s Book includes posters and cards to explore the vocabulary in each of the nine units, as well as a series of suggested activities.
Guguinha Aprende a Fazer Grafismos, Guguinha Aprende os Sons das Letras and Guguinha Aprende a Contar will focus especially on developing the fine motor skills, exploring the phonetics and grasping the concept of number.
Guguinha - Ler e Pintar 1, Guguinha - Ler e Pintar 2, Guguinha - Ler e Pintar 3 allow children to work on their reading in a fun and stimulating way.
The materials that make up the Guguinha course complement each other and can also be used simultaneously.


Children in pre-school or early childhood education: between 4 and 7 years of age
Children with heritage, foreign or second language skills



Isabel Borges
Licenciada em Língua e Cultura Portuguesa, com Pós-Graduação em Relações Interculturais e European Master em Comunicação Intercultural. Foi leitora de Língua e Cultura Portuguesa na Alemanha. Atualmente é professora de PLE na Escola Alemã do Estoril.

Teresa Gôja
Professora do Ensino Básico e Educadora de Infância. Lecionou como educadora de infância e professora do ensino básico durante 6 anos. Leciona Português há 18 anos na Escola Alemã do Estoril.

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