Falar pelos Cotovelos

Sara Santos
Falar pelos Cotovelos
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Publication Date: 2021
ISBN: 978-989-752-479-0
Publisher: LIDEL
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Pages: 192
Format: 19x25 cm
B1 - B2
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Language: Português


Falar pelos cotovelos consists of seven thematic units that include several authentic documents in video and audio format, allowing a better comprehension of all the information and language acquisition.
These documents are always preceded by an interaction situation (often supported by images), which allows the interest and motivation for a certain theme, and in some cases, it facilitates the presentation of the vocabulary used in the texts.
The tasks and the activities proposed aim to develop the competencies of oral comprehension and production. The learner should be able to develop his/her communicative and intercultural skills creatively and innovatively. The documents were carefully selected, considering their relevance and topicality. Contact with the linguistic and cultural diversity of different Portuguese speaking countries has also been a constant concern.
Some videos present realities and cultural codes distant from the learning public of Portuguese as a foreign language. For that reason, the tasks suggested in this manual seek to facilitate, naturally and interactively, the comprehension and mastery of these codes. The transcription of all documents allows a more autonomous learning.
The audio and video files are available at


· Young and adult learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language



Sara Gonçalves dos Santos
Licenciada em Línguas e Literaturas Modernas, na variante de Estudos Portugueses e Ingleses, pela Universidade Nova de Lisboa, e mestre em Língua e Cultura Portuguesa, na variante de Estudos Linguísticos, pela Universidade de Macau (UM). Autora de materiais didáticos de Português Língua Estrangeira e de Português para fins específicos. Docente no Departamento de Português da UM e doutoranda em Linguística Aplicada, mais especificamente na área do desempenho oral do falante chinês aprendente de PLE.

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