Quem Conta um Conto Acrescenta um Ponto

Ana Viegas
Quem Conta um Conto Acrescenta um Ponto
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Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-989-752-191-1
Publisher: LIDEL
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Pages: 140
Format: 17x24 cm
B1 - B2
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Language: Português


Quem Conta um Conto Acrescenta um Ponto is the first of three recreational-didactic, innovating and unique complements in this field which, by using texts taken from the Portuguese Oral Literature and put into writing, develop recreational reading and creative writing activities and it is aimed at young and adult learners.
Quem Conta um Conto Acrescenta um Ponto follows a communicative approach, oriented towards action, which requires the active participation of both teacher and learner, giving preference to nonformal learning activities, to the articulation with other materials, and to student-centred learning, who should be responsible for his own learning, autonomous, proactive and able to negotiate with the teacher on the best ways to proceed with his learning process outside the formal learning context, thus supporting his own lifelong learning conscience. Organised in three parts: Part I explores the concepts of oral literature, Portuguese folk tales, recreational reading and creative writing, it presents the writers of the main collections of these texts and it addresses some messages to the readers and writers, as well as to the teacher; Part II entails 20 recreational reading and creative writing workshops based on 20 Portuguese folk tales. These are allocated between levels B1 and B2 of the CEFR and the QuaREPE, and are arranged by level of difficulty, covering, on the whole, pre reading, reading and post reading activities, planning, comprehension and revision; Part III contains a dictionary, to be developed and filled out by the learner himself with contextualized definitions for the required word, together with a synonym and an antonym.


Young and adult learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL)


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Ana Viegas
Licenciada em Tradução de inglês e espanhol pela Universidade de Lisboa e mestre em Português Língua Não Materna - Língua Estrangeira/Língua Segunda pela Universidade do Minho. Desde 2012, dedica-se, em simultâneo, a ambas as áreas, tendo lecionado PLE em Espanha (nas escolas IES González de Aguilar e IES Guadiana) e participado em conferências de investigação de PLE. Quem Conta um Conto Acrescenta um Ponto é o seu primeiro livro didático.

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