Contos com Nível (A1)

Ana Sousa Martins
Contos com Nível (A1)
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Publication Date: 2021
ISBN: 978-989-752-498-1
Publisher: LIDEL
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Collection: Contos Com Nível
Pages: 120
Format: 14x21 cm
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Language: Português


To begin with... READ!
All the studies on foreign language acquisition show that reading a lot is the best way for students to learn and consolidate new vocabulary and internalize grammatical structures. But are A1 students ready to read a whole text? The answer is: as soon as possible, the sooner the better.
Simple texts, authentic language
Each short story is written with very common vocabulary, short sentences and explicit information. In addition, the very textual organization of each story helps the student to draw the correct inferences about the meanings communicated. However, the natural expression of everyday Portuguese is fully maintained.
Fun Stories
As well as being simple and easy to read, the texts are a lot of fun. This proves that learning a language doesn`t have to be an arduous or tedious process.
Help with new words
The main challenge when starting to learn a language is to retain a large number of words in a short space of time. This book provides English translations of many words that the student may not know or may know poorly. There is also an alphabetical glossary at the end of the book. This makes it easier for the reader to review the form and meaning of words at any time.
Stories with exercises (and solutions)
After each story, there is a short set of exercises to test comprehension and help consolidate vocabulary. These exercises are very easy and work more as a pretext for the student to find words and sequences again. All the exercises have solutions at the end of the book.
Reading alone and (well) accompanied
The whole book is designed so that students can enjoy reading independently, without the teacher`s help. However, there is also every advantage in the teacher bringing the book into the classroom and developing various activities there, such as listening comprehension games or read-aloud competitions, for example.

· "O nariz da D. Amélia"
· "A burra ruiva"
· "A visita"
· "A espanhola"
· "A mania da genealogia"
· "Em Espanha é tudo maior!"
· "Um ladrão e uma ladra"
· "O ninho infeliz"
· "No elétrico"
· "A vaca brava"
· "A amiga imaginária"
· "Conto de fadas"
· "Ter carro e andar a pé"
· "Problemas com números"
· "Maridos e mulheres"
· "Peru de Natal"
· "O padre e a banda"
· "Erro perigoso"
· "Homem rico, homem pobre"
· "O hipnotista


· Adolescentes e adultos aprendentes de Português Língua Estrangeira



Ana Sousa Martins
Doutorada em Linguística, pela Universidade do Porto. Na sua investigação de pós-doutoramento, financiada pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, trabalhou sobre processos de simplificação textual e leitura extensiva em português Língua Segunda. Presentemente, desenvolve investigação sobre leitura em língua estrangeira e aquisição de vocabulário em português Língua Segunda, e leciona Português como Língua Não Materna e Português Língua Estrangeira (do nível A1 ao B2, predominantemente).

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